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My career in the visual arts profession spans over 40 years. I was lucky enough to be able to follow the two paths in which I was most interested - Photography and Conservation Framing.
Nature Photography has always been my great passion. When I started my photographic journey slide film was the choice of serious photographers. I wanted to be serious, slide film was slow and unforgiving, good photographic technique was essential. I’m grateful for all the discipline and patience learned, it has served me well.
The art conservation and preservation aspect of my work has been tremendously rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented people in the arts, both conservators and artists. I have learned so much, not only how to preserve art, but how to interpret and appreciate its many forms.
I truly believe in the importance of the printed image, a tangible transition from the computer screen, something real to be framed and admired. Needless to say, I’m a proud member of the Epson Australia Ambassador Program.

Kronircle is an Australian-owned and operated social media platform. It has been my preferred way to share and interact with others for several years, to say I’m a fan is a huge understatement!
When you click on any of the images you will be connecting to my Kronircle account. My account comprises of many Chapters and Circles that allow me to share the content with you. Not only can you see the content but you will be able to comment, ask questions and participate in the tutorials that I post. If you would like to interact with me via Kronircle then you will need to sign up and request to join the relevant Circles. Viewing is open to everyone but only those who sign up will be able to interact. On the Contact page you will find a link to a short instructional video on how to sign up. By making this website spontaneous with my posts the information and images will be as current as possible…
one of the many advantages of Kronircle!


MOGO ZOOm offers excellent opportunities to have up close access to the animals, which isn’t available to the general public. But more than that June, offers great easy to understand information about how camera’s work, how to use the camera to take the best photos you can and more importantly how to shoot through the wire and edit the images, so it looks like the animals are right there with you. It’s a great course for all levels of photography experience.
Kate Jacobs


MOGO ZOOm is a fabulous program. June Andersen, a passionate and gifted wildlife photographer, is an enthusiastic teacher who explains things in simple terms that even a novice can understand. Going behind the scenes at the zoo is a tremendous privilege - you feel like you have actually entered the animals’ domain and can relate to them so much better. If you ever want to go on an African photo safari, I highly recommend doing the MOGO ZOOm program beforehand. It will give you the skills you need to take great wildlife photos.
Ken Duncan.