Nature of Photography

Through The Lens Experience

Course Dates 2019

  • 10/11 August - MOGO ZOOm ADVANCED
  • 14/15 September - MOGO ZOOm
  • 12/13 October - MOGO ZOOm ADVANCED
  • 9/10 November - MOGO ZOOm
  • 7/8 December - MOGO ZOOm ADVANCED

Email or call 0488 988 044 to make a booking.


Well, the opportunity to join June at Mogo Zoo for a 2 day 'Through The Lens Experience' is now available and all details are covered in our brochure, our registration form and our FAQs.

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What is a 'MOGO ZOOmer'?


Everyone that participates in our 'Through The Lens Experience' becomes a 'MOGO ZOOmer'.


Below are comments from some of our past participants together with their favourite image from their experience.

The MOGO ZOOm Through The Lens Experience exceeded all of my expectations.
June, with the support of Pattie, taught us how to shoot beautiful images from photographic opportunities not available to regular zoo visitors. So much was learnt in the classroom sessions (without overloading) and June catered for differing skills and equipment with admirable professionalism. The invaluable and expert wildlife guidance of Clive ensured that the animals remained undisturbed by our small group and that our and their wellbeing was of the utmost importance.
Mogo Zoo owner, Sally, and her staff were so accommodating and took the time out of their hectic day to spend time with us and share fascinating information. If you have a love of animals, you will be thrilled with the opportunities to interact with them. Just that element of the Through The Lens Experience makes it value for money. Warning: this is something you will want to do over and over again. In fact, I met a fellow MogoZoomer who has signed up for his fourth course.
This is an incredible experience. I'm already booked in again and excited about the future new developments for even more animal encounters and photographic opportunities.

Canberra ACT


"I found the two day MOGO ZOOm Photographic Experience presented by June to be an extraordinary opportunity to hone my photographic skills. The on-site workshop at Mogo Zoo prepared me for the challenges of wildlife photography, and then I found that the Zoo management had made camera positions available that were not usually available to the public. Newly fabricated camera ports were cut in wire enclosures, unusual positions presented to maximise the great light, and in-enclosure encounters that were to dream of. There is no wonder that my photographic memories were way beyond my expectations.
I would unreservedly recommend this course to keen photographers and enthusiasts. There was so much to learn and so much learnt. I will be back."

Ian Brown
Sanctuary Point NSW