Nature of Photography

June Andersen

June Andersen has been passionate about nature and photography for as long as she can remember. June discovered that she could use the unique characteristic of photography - the ability to suspend time - to permanently capture the natural world. By recording her encounters with a bird, a flower or a sweeping landscape, she had not only found a way of reliving the experience but a way of sharing it with others.

"One of the greatest pleasures as a nature photographer is to share my images and to see the impact they can have. I love to encourage appreciation of the beauty and wonder that nature provides".

"I am always looking for subjects to record - I consider myself very fortunate to see and enjoy things that might otherwise go unnoticed".

June has been in the visual arts profession for over 35 years. Until recently she owned and operated a framing studio in Sydney, where she specialised in conservation framing for museums and galleries. She also runs The Framing School ( which provides professional training for those in the framing industry. In 2007 she sold the framing part of the business, allowing her more time to concentrate on teaching at the school. She has extended the curriculum to incorporate nature photography. "When you are passionate about something you want to pass it on."

"Seeing someone disappointed and frustrated because they don't know how to operate their camera is such a shame. I get great joy from my photography. I thought it would be wonderful to see others achieve the same satisfaction and pleasure that I do."

June is an educator with a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas. She has the ability to make the most complex - and the most basic - procedures easily understood, is a regular contributor to the art and framing magazine, "Profile", ( as well as a guest speaker at the Photo Marketing Association Imaging Technology Show (

"Mastering the creative and logistical challenges is the key to capturing the images you want."